5 Unique Ice Cream Flavors to Offer in Your Restaurant


Are you looking to add some excitement to your restaurant’s dessert menu? Look no further than unique ice cream flavors! Move over vanilla and chocolate; these flavors are sure to delight your customers and keep them coming back for more. Read on to discover how you can add some creativity and flavor to your restaurant’s dessert menu.


Matcha is a finely ground powder of green tea leaves. The flavor is earthy and slightly bitter, making it the perfect complement to sweet, creamy ice cream. Matcha ice cream has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason — it’s delicious. You can offer it as a standalone flavor or mix it with other ingredients for a unique twist. Try pairing matcha ice cream with fresh strawberries, for example.

Balsamic Vinegar

Yes, you read that right. Balsamic vinegar might seem like an odd choice for ice cream, but it’s surprisingly delicious. The sweetness of the ice cream pairs perfectly with the tanginess of the vinegar, creating a unique flavor experience. To add even more interest to this flavor, consider adding fresh fruit or herbs to the mix.


Lavender might be known for its calming properties, but it’s also a fantastic ingredient for ice cream. The floral flavor is subtle but distinctive, making it a great choice for those who want to try something a little different. Pair lavender ice cream with a fruity sauce or fresh berries for a truly unique dessert.

Olive Oil

Ice cream made with olive oil might sound strange, but it’s a game-changer. The oil adds a rich, velvety texture to the ice cream, and the slightly savory flavor is the perfect counterpoint to the sweetness of the other ingredients. Olive oil ice cream pairs well with citrus flavors like orange or lemon.

Black Sesame

Black sesame ice cream might not be a household name, but it certainly should be. The rich, nutty flavor of sesame is perfectly suited to ice cream, and the color of the black seeds adds visual interest as well. Pair this flavor with caramel or chocolate for a truly decadent dessert.

From matcha to black sesame, there are many unique ice cream flavors that you can offer in your restaurant. These flavors will help set your dessert menu apart from the crowd and keep your customers coming back for more. Give these flavors a try and watch as your restaurant becomes the talk of the town.

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2 November 2023

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