Pros Of Juice Concentrate


What is juice concentrate? 

Juice concentrate starts out as whole fruit. The fruit is inspected and washed, and then it is mashed up until it is just a puree. Then, the pulp and seeds are filtered out, and the puree is heated up and pasteurized to prevent harmful bacteria from growing. Once pasteurized, if the juice concentrate is going to be sold as liquid concentrate, it is bottled and shipped off. If the juice concentrate is going to be sold frozen, then it is heated up until all the excess water has evaporated, leaving behind just the concentrated fruit. This mixture is then packaged and frozen, and a juice concentrate supplier sells and ships it around the country.  

What are the pros of choosing to buy juice concentrate from a supplier? 

Affordable- Juice from concentrate is much cheaper than buying fresh fruit and making juice in-house. Your establishment will save money by buying juice concentrate from a juice concentrate supplier. 

Quick- Using juice concentrate in your restaurant, hotel, or bar will save you and your employees valuable time. Juice can be made quickly and you can be ready to serve customers whenever they want it, unlike fresh juice that takes much longer to make. 

Easy- Making juice by hand is time-consuming, messy, and difficult and requires peeling, chopping, and squeezing. Making juice from concentrate is simple and virtually mess-free; juice concentrate only requires adding water and mixing.  

Reliable Quality- Juice concentrate from a good supplier is quality you can trust. You can expect consistent taste every time you make juice. Making fresh juice is much less dependable, since there are more variables to deal with like the quality and ripeness of the fruit you use, the amount of sugar you add to the drink, and what employee makes the juice. 

Consistent- Juice from concentrate doesn't change with the seasons, and you can have tasty mango, pineapple, apple, grape or orange juice year round. If you make fresh juice, you will be a slave to the changing of the seasons, having to change your menu to accommodate seasonal fruit and fluctuating prices. 

Storage- One of the greatest benefits of juice concentrate is its shelf life. Concentrate is frozen and can last significantly longer than fresh juice or fresh fruit. 

A good juice concentrate supplier will help you take the guesswork out of juice and will deliver consistent results that your customers will love and keep coming back for. 


5 May 2020

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