Four Benefits Of Drinking Black Tea


You've probably heard of the benefits of drinking green tea time and time again. But did you know that drinking black tea can be very good for you, too? This is really good news if you prefer black tea to its lighter cousin! Black tea is made from the same plant as green tea -- it's just allowed to ferment and oxidize longer before being sold. Here's a look at some of the many benefits of drinking black tea:

Reduced Risk of Stroke and Heart Attack

Black tea may not be quite as high in antioxidants as green tea, but it is still a very antioxidant-rich food. These antioxidants include vitamins C and E, as well as a lot of lesser-known substances like polyphenols. Antioxidants help prevent tissue damage, including damage to the blood vessels. This, in turn, helps prevent plaque from building up in the artery walls, which reduces your risk of stroke and heart attack. For best results, make sure you buy a high-quality black tea, like a Derjeeling tea. The better quality the tea, the more antioxidants it's likely to contain. 

Better Digestion

All tea, including black tea, is high in tannins. Actually, the longer you brew the black tea, the higher the concentration of tannins will be in your final cup. Tannins can help keep the bowels regular, especially alleviating loose stool. So, you may want to try drinking black tea if you have a nervous stomach or a history of loose stool.

Relief From Respiratory Symptoms

All warm beverages are good at relieving congestion and itchy noses if you sip them and inhale the vapor as you do so. But black tea, in particular, is really good for asthma sufferers and people with colds. Various compounds in the tea help encourage inflammation to leave the airways, leading to easier breathing. Of course, the antioxidants can also help your body fight off a viral infection that may be causing your respiratory symptoms.

Reduced Risk of Breast Cancer

Various components in black tea, including flavins, catechins, and polyphenols, have been found to have anti-cancer activity. Black tea, it seems, is particularly protective against breast cancer. Keep in mind that breast cancer can affect men as well as women, so no matter who you are, it's a good idea to sip a few cups of black tea now and then. Black tea may also help protect against head and neck cancers.

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24 September 2017

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