Fronto Leaf Flavors to Try as a Tobacco Connoisseur


For some smokers who love tobacco, there is nothing greater than sitting down with a pipe stuffed with fresh shredded tobacco bits in a unique flavor. However, if you are all about that roll-your-own smoking experience, you will probably be found enjoying a finely rolled cigar or cigarillo wrapped in a fronto leaf for an added level of flavor. Fronto leaves are definitely a great addition to your smoking collection, but many smokers will never step out of the box and will only experience the natural fronto flavors.

If you want something new to elevate your tobacco smoking pleasure, you should try some of the flavored fronto leaves out there. Here are a few good examples of flavored fronto leaves you should look for at a supply store like Marleaf

Vanilla Fronto Leaf

Steeped lightly in natural vanilla oils and flavored liquids, vanilla fronto leaves are an excellent first-time choice if you have never played with flavored wraps before. Vanilla is light, which means you get just a hint of sweetness with your smoke and nothing too over-the-top or heavy. Your first experiences should be with a light vanilla or possibly a vanilla-honey flavor, but there are a full list of vanilla collaborations, such as vanilla and toffee or vanilla and blueberry, that you can try as well. 

Honey Fronto Leaf

Honey fronto leaves are brushed ever so slightly with a touch of honey flavoring in the curing process, which adds a telltale note of sweetness to your smoke when the leaf is burned. Honey softens the edginess of some of the harsher tobacco flavors and even pairs well with blended flavored tobaccos, such as tobacco that has berry notes. Just like vanilla fronto, you will find honey paired with other flavor combinations as well. 

Sour Apple Fronto Leaf 

If you are just dipping your toes in the world of flavored fronto leaves, it is best to start light and work your way up where the fruit flavors are concerned. You can find everythig from mango and pineapple to grape and blackberry flavors, but most smokers prefer a lighter sweetness with a little punch, which is just what you get with sour apple fronto. This fronto has the sweet aroma of apple, but when smoked, you get a slight citrus sour as an added element to the flavor. The sour apple flavor pairs really well with bold tobacco blends, but can overpower some of the milder flavors. 


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