Diatomaceous Earth: A Great Way To Keep Bugs Away From Your Food


Keeping bugs away from your food supply is an age-old struggle. One of the challenges is that many of the chemical insecticides known to keep insects away are not food safe and will cause you considerable harm if they are accidentally consumed. Thankfully, there is an alternative that is increasing in popularity: a natural substance called diatomaceous earth, or DE. Here's a closer look at DE and why it's such a good choice for insect control in areas where food is stored.

What is DE?

DE is a powder made from the exoskeletons of tiny creatures that live in the sea. To you, it will just seem like a really fine, dusty powder. But to insects, it's a huge threat because it is sharp on the microscopic level. As they come into contact with the DE, it makes holes in their exoskeletons and causes them to dry out. A dry bug will soon be a dead bug!

Is DE Safe?

You can purchase food-grade DE that people actually take as a dietary supplement and as an anti-parasitic remedy. This type of DE is totally safe to use around food storage. If a little of it ends up in your food, there won't be any harm caused. Do not use DE intended for use in pool filters or garden beds for your insect control needs. This DE is not as pure; it may have some residues that are not healthy for you.

How do you use DE around food?

Scatter some DE along the baseboards, along the entryway to the storage room, and even along the bases of shelves. The powder is very fine and will make quite a mess if you are not careful. Wear a face mask as you spread it. While it won't cause overt respiratory damage, it may make you cough and make your throat very dry, which is not pleasant.

Leave the DE in place for a few days, and then vacuum it up and apply a new layer. The DE becomes less effective as it absorbs moisture from the air. Hopefully, you notice a few bugs as you vacuum up the DE.

The number of bugs in your food storage should decrease significantly within a few days of when you begin to use the DE. After a few applications, you can cut back to just applying it once or twice a month for ongoing control. To learn more, contact a company like Earthworks Health. 


20 March 2018

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